When developing and testing BILL24 frontends (mobile applications, websites, ticket offices, ticketing systems), there is a need to check the operation of the program code in different situations, to see how it works with events of different configurations. Below are links to events in the BILL24 test zone that allow you to test the implementation of the frontend under various conditions. Events for tests in the BILL24 test zone:

Displaying an event with multiple sessions in one day (17 sessions), checking the purchase of tickets for two sessions.

Displaying an event with many sessions on different dates, several sessions per day.

Display of combined seating plan (general admission and assigned seats).

Display and print a large amount of data on the ticket (long name, address, category, etc.). Use the session at 23:00 30.07.2025, price category "Entrance ticket to a separate Dance floor-VIP".

Displaying an event with sessions in different cities: in Moscow, in Sochi.

Displaying an event that takes place at different venues in different cities: in Krasnodar on two venues, in Sochi on the one venue.

Display of large seating plans: a stadium with 26 thousand seats.

Correct work with general admission seating plan, taking into account two types of restrictions, on the number of tickets of one category, and on the total number of tickets for two categories.

Checking the use of the Access Code (AC). AC=12345