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BIL24 is one of today's fastest-growing event managment and ticketing platforms. It houses events of all shapes and sizes. BIL24 software is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use network ecosystem for the entertainment industry. BIL24 uses a platform business model and creates community and markets with network effects that allow users to interact and transact:

Internationalization and localization is being incorporated in BIL24. We are adapting our platform to a new audience. We are proud to present the BIL24 Apps for English locales.

Ticket purchase links in BIL24 Test Zone:
Ice show "Romeo and Juliet"
Cruise along the Neva River

    Selling tickets for entertainment events and buying them becomes even simpler and more easily accessible. The BIL24 ticketing platform significantly facilitates selling and buying tickets via mobile applications and social networks, on a website or via offline booking offices. The advantages of the platform have already been appreciated both by promoters and ticket sellers, and by ordinary customers. Experts and users identify six main reasons for choosing BIL24.

    First of all, buying does not require a complicated registration procedure – only a minimal number of simple steps have to be performed to buy a ticket online. There is no need to print out the tickets purchased via the application – it is enough to show the e-ticket on a mobile device’s screen.

    Secondly, users note security of sales via BIL24, because each ticket is automatically assigned a crypto-protected QR code and a traditional barcode. They make it possible to identify with maximum precision the authenticity of the tickets at entrance control with the Bil24 Mobile Access Control application, installed on Android driven device.

    Thirdly, buyers with a confirmed e-mail address get access to the purchased tickets on all devices at once. This is convenient in case if there is no possibility to print out the tickets bought on the website: they can be easily found in the mobile application and shown to the ticket inspector on the smartphone screen.

    In the fourth place, the detailed seating plans allow the buyer to choose a seat themselves with a suitable price and location in the concert hall, in the club, at the theater, or at the stadium.

    In the fifth place, ticket buyers highly appreciate the BIL24 platform for the possibility to access all the seats in a venue in real-time mode. That way, one can always know for sure how many tickets of a particular category are still available. A repeated sale of one and the same seat is out of the question.

    In the sixth place, BIL24 ticketing platform is the most open among other ticket systems. It allows anyone to become a ticket agent or event organizer. Implementation of BIL24 applications in the cross-platform Java language allows you to use them on computers running Windows, MacOS, Linux. BIL24 platform allows anyone to become a ticket seller or a promoter. To use the system in test mode or in real mode, it is enough to obtain an account of the Operator, Promoter, and/or Seller category, and start using BIL24 immediately.

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